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Site History
 9 Sep 1999 Started typing pages :) 
10 Sep 1999 Joined mp3Car Webring
13 Sep 1999 Put up this history and a rough LCD page
28 Sep 1999 finally put up a hand drawn circuit.
12 Oct 1999 Put on a pile of PDF's and some links to more
19 Oct 1999 Car add is up as well as the mailing list. 
25 Oct 1999 Joined Australian Electronics Webring. 
16 Nov 1999 The hd44780 driver is getting rave reviews and is taking some of my efforts at the moment. 
 1 Dec 1999 Finally got some circuit diagrams happening and up.
 4 Mar 2000 Now have a domain name registered of www.opendesign.cx many thanks to www.nic.cx !! 
26 Apr 2000 Christian Geeks page up
8 Jun 2000 ZX-180 project started
25 Jun 2000 News page up
July 2000 Busy, splash page is up and running, now on the PICring.  The issues page for Christian Geeks is up 
and a privacy policy is now in existence.
2 Aug 2000 The Submarine Page is born

Under some heavy construction.
But getting there!
Fairly coherent now. probably should spell out a legal definition of open source hardware.
Note: That definition is an ongoing difficulty to define legally but something along the lines of the LGPL if you can apply it to hardware.


Other projects
not up yet, but here is an outline of areas.

My Links
Here is my site map.
MP3 Car Audio Hardware page

Power Supply page

LCD (and keyboard) page

CAR page (some for sale)

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Other links on the link page, soon to add a splash page as a main entry point.

Use the guestbook people! Let me know what you are after. I may have your answer here and instead be typing up rubbish no one wants to see.
don't forget the mailing list to keep up to date! your chance to win a FREE LCD

I have started putting a page for links together here
I keep in touch with /. (slashdot) you may see me there as andrewmuck. 
If you use Linux then be counted, if you don't then check out what why its so good. 
My local Linux user group is PLUG (Perth), my ICQ number is 75291393, due to some firewalling restrictions I can't ICQ any more - sorry

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